$50.00 render sell off

For a short period I am offering 2 x 4000 px x 3000 px High Quality Renders for USD $50.00 (assuming images can be rendered to that size and quality regardless of genre or apps used) in either Landscape or Portrait format. This offer applies to anything I have in my galleries currently (May 21st.2013) on dA, Facebook, Redbubble or my sites at http://zooreka.cu.cc/ or http://zooreka.host22.com/ respectively… (The latter site I may drop as they are now advertising on it!)

In the case of the Site Galleries I shall be updating them shortly so the cut off date will not apply to them.

If you are interested in purchasing lease contact me via the notes systems on either dA, Facebook or redbubble… I expect to keep this offer open for a couple of weeks but cannot keep it open indefinitely… Renders should be of high enough quality that you can enlarge them to A0 size without any significant falloff for printing.

If you are interested in A0 1:1 res renders 8000 px x 6000 px at 300 ppi the price is $125.00 per render and will be exclusive..




Learning Ultra Fractal 5 (Creative Edition) through the eyes of an Artist

Introducing Learning Ultra Fractal 5 (Creative Edition) through the eyes of an artist. The course is made up of 16 lessons lasting in excess of 7 hours.

Price USD $50.00 payable only via Western Union (Sorry about that but I have no Credit Cards myself and in any case Paypal is not Peru-friendly!). You will need to contact me for details.

Video Resolution 1280 px v 720 px H264/AAC


Mac – DMG format compressed in 7Zip (6 parts) 5.03 Gb

1) You will need to have installed The Unarchiver (Free from The Mac App Store) of similar compression tool capable of expanding files in the 7Zip format. (Keka is another freebie and there are a fees excellent tools that alas are not so free… Entropy, Better zip…)
2) Most likely you will also need to have Google’s Chrome Web Browser Installed for the fasted download alternatives… Currently The archives are hosted on Mega but alternatively I could mail them to you which will take some time… or alternatively give you html like to a free hosting site they are on… where the links are unreliable… sometimes they work, sometimes they do not…. Chrome is the best bet….
3) Quick Time 10 (already installed by default on newer OS X versions…). QuickTime is the recommended player as the Movies are in Quick Time Movie format (best quality to file size ratio) and QuickTime also supports chaptering…

Windows – ISO Compression .Rar 5 Parts 4.75 Gb

1)WinRar or similar Compression tool capable of expanding the .rar format
2)As with Mac you will most likely need to install Google’s Chrome Browser as the archives are hosted on Mega and on Google Drive. Due to the way in which Mega handles files it seems that Chrome is the ONLY reliable browser… I personally resisted it until I joined up with Mega several months ago… I installed it then and now it’s my main browser…It rocks! As with Mac if this isn’t your cup of tea I can mail the archives to you but this will take time. I have not put the on any free hosting sites…
3) QuickTime player for Windows – Free download from the apple site if by some miracle you have not already installed it – as the videos were recorded in Chaptered QuickTime format and Quick time supports Chapters…it makes sense, right?

If interested in purchasing this course contact me initially through the notes systems on dA, Facebook or Redbubble

Course layout:

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 11.56.53 PM