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$50.00 render sell off

For a short period I am offering 2 x 4000 px x 3000 px High Quality Renders for USD $50.00 (assuming images can be rendered to that size and quality regardless of genre or apps used) in either Landscape or Portrait format. This offer applies to anything I have in my galleries currently (May 21st.2013) on dA, Facebook, Redbubble or my sites at http://zooreka.cu.cc/ or http://zooreka.host22.com/ respectively… (The latter site I may drop as they are now advertising on it!)

In the case of the Site Galleries I shall be updating them shortly so the cut off date will not apply to them.

If you are interested in purchasing lease contact me via the notes systems on either dA, Facebook or redbubble… I expect to keep this offer open for a couple of weeks but cannot keep it open indefinitely… Renders should be of high enough quality that you can enlarge them to A0 size without any significant falloff for printing.

If you are interested in A0 1:1 res renders 8000 px x 6000 px at 300 ppi the price is $125.00 per render and will be exclusive..